Alexandra Wood

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Alexandra Wood has worked at some of the best offline editing houses in London. Her extensive experience spans UK and international commercials, film trailers, music promos, and digital content.

Her keen creative eye brings out the beauty in any project, no matter the subject or genre – as does her talent for crafting nuances in story and tone.

SMA / Advanced Follow On

U = U / Undetectable

Cow and Gate / Born Free

Sun / Breakfast

Royal Wedding / Film Trailer

Kicks / Film Trailer

Colon Cancer / Finding Words

BBC Films / Kicks

Rimmel / Lasting Radiance

Sony / Experiment

Live Life Give Life / Donating

Rimmel / Brow

Rimmel / Lasting Radiance

One & Only / Le Saint Geran

Rimmel / Ascia

Sage / Business Cloud

Rimmel / Match Perfection

Swatch / The Swatch Vibe

Swatch / The Swatch Vibe

Rimmel / Tess

Rimmel / Stef

Qatar National Day / Camels

Purina / Optiage

Pokerstars / Baltic

Sage / Ambition

Working Title Films / Fish can’t Fly

Nescafé Cappuccino / Skinny

Rosewood Hotels / Serenity

April Ivy / Run For Cover

BBC Four / Margot

Short Film / Clown vs Strongman

BBC Radio 4 / World of Wonder

Camden Hells / Riff

Camden Hells / Hamlet

Camden Hells / Usual

Camden Hells / See

Crohn's / Begin the Change