Nick Lofting

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Nick Lofting has spent the past 23 years editing award-winning commercials, music videos, short films, and movies. His career started at Saatchi and Saatchi in London and took off at the young age of 22 – with his first three projects picking up D&AD, Cannes, and Circle awards.

Nick’s other notable feats include cutting the feature film ‘Alone’, the opening credits of ‘Dawn of the Dead’, and the short film ‘Jane Lloyd’, which won critical acclaim at all the major film festivals. He has since returned to London and joins Flock after years of success in Los Angeles, New York, and freelancing around the world.

Fat Tire Beer / Outdoors

Short Film / DFF

Short Film / Rollerskates

Opening / Dawn of The Dead

Salvation Army / Hati

Short Film / The Commute

Short Film / Balzan’s Contract

Film Trailer / Platinum Weird

Short Film / Unwatchable

Aegon / VHS

American Airlines / Shadows

Nowness / Black Star

Boxer Rebellion / The Runner

Cinch / Pikes

Cinch / Out Here

Colorado Lottery / Holiday

Colorado Lottery / Town Gossip

Colorado Tourism / Train

David Gray / Alibi

Jeep / Endurance

Jeep / Launch

Jet / Put your money

Kelloggs / At The Races

Kevita / Alive Like You

McDonalds / Listen

Atari Driv3R / Run the Gauntlet

Oshri / Crazy But Free

Paddy Power / Bad Date

Solange / Losing You

The Sun / Rio

Wonka / Mr Random

The Datsuns / In Love

Colorado Lottery / Town Gossip

Volvo / Stefan

Jeep Wrangler / X-Games

Ram / Courage

Laura Ashley / Sasha

Guardium / Horse

Kelloggs / Horses Mouth

Jeep / Renegade

Kraft / Bad Cop

Co-Op / Lunch

Renault Clio / VaVa Voom

Netflix / Miss Know It All

Anthem / First Step

NHL / Thanksgiving Showdown