Elodie Fouqueau

Showreel / Commercials / Music Promos / Documentary / Short Film / Bio

Elodie Fouqueau has a strong sense of adventure. A born and bred Parisian, she spent nine years in Melbourne, Australia, before heading to London to further her career.

Elodie embodies a unique blend of editing finesse, creativity, and patience – qualities that have led her to work with award-winning directors across the UK, Europe, and Australia. She has over ten years’ experience working on commercials, music promos, digital content, and documentaries. She loves to collaborate and is always looking for exciting creative talent to work with.

Renault / Stepway Escape

Somfy / Smart Solutions

Channel / Sublimage

Short Film / Sèt Lam

Renault / Life Has No Road

Short Film / A Great Man

Coke-Cola / Real Magic

Cartier / LoveIs

Dove / Reusable

Linus Fenton / Fountain Head

Short Film / Qardoun

Nick Knight / Dance

Short Film / Dead Heart

Kate Tempest / Tunnel Vision

Ruth Roshan & Tango Noir / Soft Light

Patterns / Exile

Blackwater Railroad Company / Tumbleweeds

Levante / Fashion

Lexus / Glass

Lexus / Cloth

Furla / The Furla Society

Raindance Festival / Trailer

GQ / Anthony Joshua

BMW / X5

Tirzah / Devotion (feat. Coby Sey)

Chrysler / For The Band

Lexus / Pleats (Origami)

Lexus / Kiriko (Glassworks)

New Balance / Girls Run This

AEG / Unexpected Power

Fractures / It’s Alright

Documentary / Inside Fighter

Lindex / Love Your Summer

Donny Benet / Sophisticated

Vitasoy / Nature

Documentary / Waiting for Fukushima