Jamie Kataky BFE

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Jamie Kataky spent years learning the ropes from the best in the business before studying an MA in editing at the National Film and Television School. He now works across commercials, drama and documentary; drawing on broad experience to adapt a specialist approach to each edit. Never afraid of a creative challenge, Jamie is drawn to narrative and structural problem solving.

Patagonia / Run to the Source

Documentary / Eve

Skyward / Short Film

Alexander McQueen / Wales

The Uncertain Kingdom / Trailer

Short Film / Heavy Weight

Star Alliance / Feel It

Dove / Nelson

Dove Men+Care US / Mike

Cadbury / Figure Skating Mum

Skoda / Music

HUWEI / P20Pro

Skoda / Theatre

BBC / Super Movers

Feature Film / The Hungry

Short Film / You & ME

Documentary / Chomo