Matt Brady

Showreel / Commercials / Music Promos / Documentary / Short Film / Bio

Co-founder and partner, Matt Brady has a decade’s worth of experience in advertising, working with the best post houses in London on award-winning projects over a variety of genres.

With a broad technical skillset and a logical approach to problem solving, he has a knack for tackling projects with inventive flair.

Dove / Arm In Arm

/ Lovely Creature

Perfect Draft / The Big Game

Eurostar / Boutique

Thatchers / Turn up the Taste

Virgin Games / Bloody Mary / Limitless Win

The Yorkshire Vet / Dougie

Virgin Games / Real Rewards

Kunzite / Lemon Swayze

Frollies / Fruit Mum / The Decent Proposal

Talk Talk / Knight

Talk Talk / Remote

ALDI / Better Everyday

Toyota / Relax

Virgin Games / Forever

Talk Talk / Gaming

Talk Talk / Streaming

Lang Lang / The Late Show

Talk Talk / Football

Daz / Summer Challenge

Dove Body Wash / Skin Stories

Toyota MyT / Bank Robbery

Toyota MyT / Road Trip

Toyota MyT / Sibling Rivalry

EE / Unlimited

Dettol / Parents Approved

Avon / Nine Out of Ten

Virgin Media / Birds Behind Bars

Toyota Aygo / Stella Meltdown

Dove / Care To Share?

Sky / The Perilous Dilemma

Avon / Letterbox Looks

Com Hem Tivo / Moments

Com Hem Tivo / Dance

Com Hem Tivo / Life To The Full

Com Hem Tivo / Discovery

Dove / Give Your Skin A Rest

Vangardist / HIV Heroes

Documentary / Takumi

Clash of Clans / Clan Capital

Clash of Clans / Mountain

Baywatch / The Slo Mo Marathon

Dove Dry Spray / Real Time Drying

Rustlers / Sounds of 20th Century

Baby Dove / Calming Nights

Bulk Powders / Dominate Life

Sky / The Wizard’s Lesson

Old Mout Cider / Save The Kiwi

Youtube / #MoreThanARefugee

Royal Mail / Grapes

Cheerios / Campaign Headquarters

Cheerios / Morning Briefing

Cheerios / Rooftop

Royal Mail / Realmojis

Richard Thorncroft / YCHTW

Fujiya and Miyagi / Sixteen Shades

Avon / Become a Rep

Avon / Become An Avon Rep

Ticketmaster / Privacy Promise

Avon / Letterbox

Avon / Christmas All Wrapped Up

O2 / Business Phones

J2O Glitterberry / Long Grin / Stuff and Money