Olly Stothert, BFE

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Co-founder and partner, Olly Stothert has considerable experience in cutting both commercials and feature-length films. He’s enjoyed great success at film festivals in Europe and around the world, notably for his feature ‘My Pure Land’ which gained critical acclaim as the UK’s 2018 Oscar entry for Best Foreign Language Film.

Olly has always been a firm believer in fostering a professional but fun working environment. His incredible work ethic and passion for storytelling know no bounds when it comes to genre or format.

He is also a member of the British Film Editors Association – britishfilmeditors.co.uk

Land Mine / Coming Soon

Cushelle / Tubeless

Feature Film / #LookAtMe

Crêpe Suzette / Crêpe Suzette

RVS / Giving Our All

Radox / Bubbles

Albert Bartlett / Amazing Hands

An Experience / Go Forth

Aimee / Skate

Short Film / Self Coloured

Bacardi / Cohoba

Apple TV / Ted Lasso

Gazelle Twin & NYX / Deep England

Jarv Is / Must I Evolve

Gazelle Twin & NYX / DE Film

Lego / Inside Little Minds

Thatchers / Perfection

Nat Geo / Greatest Wrecks

Simba / Engineered for Sleep

Dove Men+Care US / Nelson

Raindance / No Stopping Us

De De Peau / Cream

Sensai / Mask

Vodafone / International Womens Day

Short Film / Reappear

Jarv Is / Beyond the Pale Live

Chad Lawson / Waltz in B Minor

Toyota / Athletes Lockdown

Guinness / Night Football

Short Film / Control

Feature Doc / A Song Called Hate

Short Film / Doublethink – Hate

Helmann's / Vegan Mayo

Samsung / Expand Your Galaxy

Mandy Moore / Tryin’ My Best

Ex:Re / The Dazzler

City of the Sun / La Luz

S.G. Goodman / Red Bird Morning

Plan B / Wait so Long

Nike / Amandine Henry

Kelly’s Ice Cream / Cornish

Mandy Moore / Save A little

Short Film / Heartland

Gillette / Shave Fearless

Dyson / Nature

Short Film / Starboy

City Of The Sun / Spaghetti

Audi / Matrix LED

Shure / Beach

Big Issue / Fill ‘Em Up

Documentary / Japans War Game

Feature Film / Edie

Feature Film / My Pure Land

Linkedin / What Do We Do

Feature Film / Unlucky Plaza

Documentary / Takumi

YSL / The Y Series – Loyle Carner

Ford Fiesta / Joe Goddard

RSPCA / All of Us

Ford Fiesta / Mat.Joe

Bacardi / Dynamite

Feature Film / The Offering

Sure / Spinning in Soweto

Dream Wife & MCM / Everything

Escape From Acapulco / Hit & Run

U.I.T.M / A Rallying Point

Feature Film / Trafficker

U.I.T.M / Riot City: An Odyssey

Google / Maharat Min Google

Vodafone / IWD

Bacardi / Major Lazer

NPower / Sam

Bench / Jess Glynne #Lovemyhood

Ford Fiesta / Nao

Age UK / Lonely in a Crowd

Short Film / What Do We Do

British Gas / Pride of Britain

Barclays / Zara King

People’s Vote / House

Baxters / Mushroom Veloute

Baxters / Crab Bisque

Baxters / Tomato, Chorizo & Bean

Axe / Ladybeard

Jammie Dodgers / Monkey Dance

Axe / Vogue Nights