Paul Reson

Showreel / Commercials / Content / Documentary / Bio

Paul is a Londoner who grew up in Brighton; the music and football cultures in both cities helped to shape the record collector / fantasy football geek he has become today!

With over a decade of experience working with top advertising agencies and high-profile clients. He specialises in commercials, content, short documentaries, sports and music.

Pringles / Player

Vice / Max The Forger

Discogs / Energy Flash

Minerals / Tristan C Anderson

Discogs / Vinyl Pimp

Discogs / Dobshizzle

Ballantines / Africa

K11 / Musea

Epson / Evolution of Speed

Epson / Power Bikes

Huawei / Skater

Lance Stroll / Boy Racer F1

Glenfiddich / Whiskey Introduction

Danio / The Grumbler

Gordon's / Shall We

Gordon's / We’re Too Busy

Surfdome / Work You Bikini

XBox / Hard Times

Aberlour / Whiskey

Lenovo / Origami House